Esport CS GO

Esports, eSport, electronic sports, or competitive video gaming has become increasingly popular, even in the B2B format, and Plavi Tim now has its own esports team. Every year in Zagreb, the Good Game Festival takes place, which is the largest regional B2B esports tournament. During this event, 32 companies compete in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The tournament has a charitable purpose, raising funds for young entrepreneurs and startups, but its primary focus is on connecting with people, fostering good social interactions, and having fun.

For this tournament, a group of Plavi Tim employees who are also video game enthusiasts gather, and they often play CS:GO together online in their free time.

One of the positive aspects of video games (not just limited to CS:GO) is that players can learn a lot through gaming, especially in the realm of esports, where they have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and even learn new languages. Additionally, gamers develop logical, motor, spatial skills, precision, multitasking abilities, and tactical thinking, as well as teamwork. Most popular games require players to think quickly, act logically, and make decisions. According to a conducted study, action games, in particular, train the brain for fast decision-making.