About us

Plavi tim d.o.o., a member of the INA Group, has played a key role in providing innovative solutions since 2015. Its roots trace back to the 1970s when it began as the Information Services Sector of the INA Group. Over the years, it has adapted to the dynamic development of information technology and the growing needs and demands of modernizing one of the largest regional companies. Its long-standing practice is a guarantee of high quality, experience, and trust.

As part of the market leader, our steadfast mission is to deliver high-quality solutions and product excellence in line with the best international standards. Our range of IT services includes information systems, infrastructure management, and providing expert support to companies within the INA Group and other partners. We are committed to daily knowledge development, monitoring industry trends, developing communication channels, and providing continuous support to our partners. Maintaining a high level of service and solutions is our top priority, and the foundation of our business is the wealth of expertise drawn from creativity and innovation.

The company’s long-term strategy is to develop synergies and provide the highest quality services while simultaneously improving efficiency for all users of our services. Our team consists of more than 160 experts whose knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm contribute to delivering top-notch service and bringing value to our clients. With decades of work experience and the application of the most modern working methods, we achieve the highest quality standards in our services and create a productive work environment for our teams, resulting in the satisfaction of our partners.



We operate as a shared IT service center, focusing on providing solutions in the field of IT services, including information systems and infrastructure management, both for the INA Group and other partners. Maintaining a high level of service remains our top priority, and the foundation of our business continues to rely on a wealth of expertise derived from creativity and innovation.

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