Development of IT services

We provide services in planning, designing, developing, and managing business process architecture, as well as implementing business applications in alignment with our clients’ business and IT strategies. Our support extends to user groups and business processes, leveraging the existing IT environment while further standardizing and enhancing it. To keep our clients up-to-date with technological trends, we plan and develop IT architectures that facilitate the creation of integrated information services, ensuring consistent business information.
In addition, we offer IT solution design and decision support for implementing these solutions. We organize our own development tasks according to two fundamental processes: projects and changes. Furthermore, we manage the cost-effective application portfolio maintenance through application standards.

Our approach includes harnessing development resources, whether they are our own employees engaged in direct development or external expert knowledge management to achieve our clients’ objectives. We also coordinate all IT projects and maintain a coherent development methodology.
Furthermore, we provide project management support and methodologies for our clients. We actively participate in the specification and maintenance of authorizations in ERP systems based on user requirements and contribute to the maintenance of ERP system master data.

Development of SAP systems

Our company is dedicated to providing expert SAP services for our valued clients. Our approach encompasses a range of key activities to ensure the successful implementation and management of SAP systems tailored to the unique business needs of each client.
First and foremost, we focus on developing SAP systems according to the specific requirements and needs of each client. Additionally, we continuously ensure the alignment of the SAP system portfolio to enable stable and efficient operations.
Defining and monitoring the SAP system lifecycle is an integral part of our strategy. We plan, design, and implement changes to the system to meet business and client requirements while optimizing costs through SAP system standardization. Our commitment to best practices, skills, and expertise is evident during the SAP system implementation, where we ensure the process adheres to the highest standards.
Furthermore, we initiate improvements that contribute to efficiency and business development. Our team is prepared to execute projects and change requests within defined timeframes and budgets, including deliveries from external partners.Our service also includes project management and the application of methodologies to ensure organized and efficient execution of all activities.
We continuously monitor technological trends and plan implementations in line with business and client requirements and priorities, ensuring that our clients always stay ahead in the digital world.

Development of industrial applications

Our company is committed to providing services for planning, designing, developing, and implementing IT applications that support our clients’ activities not covered by ERP systems. Our goal is to ensure that clients receive customized solutions that align with their unique needs.
First and foremost, we coordinate and implement the integration of business and process information systems to ensure their efficient functionality. We also propose and implement solutions that enhance the utilization of existing IT environments while promoting standardization and development.
Our service includes monitoring technological trends and planning implementations in line with business and client requirements and priorities to ensure they stay ahead in the digital world.
We plan and develop solutions that meet specific user requirements within an IT architecture that promotes consistency, integration, and standardization of client information systems.
Similarly, we execute projects and change requests within defined timeframes and budgets, including deliveries from external partners, to ensure high quality and delivery at the desired level.

Development of office and IPNP applications

We provide services for planning, designing, and implementing office and applications in the field of oil and gas exploration and production. We plan, design, and implement efficient core technologies for content management, expert systems, reporting systems, eBusiness systems, automation solutions, the use of external application services, and integration into the broader IT environment. We offer professional IT services while monitoring technological trends and planning implementations in line with business requirements and priorities.

Business process architecture management

Our service is focused on managing the architecture of business processes supported by ERP systems, with the aim of supporting clients in achieving maximum efficiency and compliance.
Through the implementation of the client’s ERP system strategy, we actively participate in shaping ERP processes that align with the client’s business strategy, goals, reporting needs, and integration requirements. We ensure continuous harmonization of ERP processes and systems with business activities through a series of activities, including managerial consultation, identifying and proposing potential improvements, and assisting in project specification and change request requirements. We also actively engage in projects related to the development of the client’s ERP processes and systems and lead them.
Our role also includes participation in the work of the IT systems change management board to ensure coherence and compliance with change strategies. We oversee the integrity and functionality of ERP processes and systems, conducting and coordinating business support. This includes maintaining a list of ERP-supported processes and related documentation, providing support to process owners for compliance assurance, and ensuring the integrity of processes across different process areas within each ERP system.
We continuously monitor the development of ERP systems, assess their relevance, and define the best unified ERP solutions for our clients. We also participate in authorization maintenance processes in ERP systems based on user requirements and in maintaining client ERP system master data.