IT Services & Users Support Management

Our team is engaged in numerous activities related to the support of the management of Plavi tim. These activities cover internal finance, sale of services, various forms of reporting, and corporate compliance and communication. We would like to emphasize that all our processes are in line with ITIL best practices.

In addition, we provide customer support services in the form of an IT call center and helpdesk, including first-line incident resolution and processing of customer change requests.

IT service management

We manage the internal process of financial planning, research and reporting related to the IT budget. We also take care of the IT procurement plan and monitor the delivery of suppliers in accordance with the agreed scope.

Managing the catalog of IT services, it offers its customers a wide range of services and we continuously prepare reports on their performance, deliveries and costs.

Our team actively participates in the implementation of IT projects, and all the existing processes in which we participate, we continuously improve and strive to automate in order to ensure more transparent and efficient work.

We also deal with activities that ensure corporate compliance with the internal regulations of the INA Group, as well as the coordination of internal and external audit requirements.

We continuously manage key performance indicators (KPIs), and we pay special attention to the satisfaction of users of our services. We also take care of the involvement of our employees and deal with various forms of corporate communications and the promotion of Plavi tim.

Customer support

In the call center and help center, we deal with inquiries from end users of IT services and equipment of the INA Group. Our team provides support for 400 retail outlets and the first level of support for more than ten thousand customers. With availability from zero to 24 hours, we receive more than 60,000 calls a year.

We also carry out desktop management activities, such as the installation of SW packages and security patches, IT asset management and cooperation with operational colleagues, development to external suppliers. We support and implement end-user IT projects and administer WEB IT catalogs to manage end-user requirements and prepare operational reports.