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Current Job Openings

Please submit an open application.

Please submit an open application.

Even if there are currently no available positions that interest you, you can still send us your resume. We will keep you in mind when a job opening matching your qualifications becomes available.


Internship Programs

Internship Programs


GROWWW is a one-year internship program designed for students who are completing their graduate studies and have little to no work experience, with a maximum of one year of work experience. Applications for GROWWW typically open at the beginning of the year, and the program commences in September.


The Selection Process

The Selection Process

1. Pre-selection based on resumes

– Application in the Taleo database

Once you have created your profile on our job portal, you can view and apply for all the job postings within the INA Group.

– How to create a profile in Taleo?

During your initial application, select the “New User” option. A Personal Data Processing Information screen will appear, and after clicking “I Accept,” you will access the registration interface where you’ll need to enter your username, email address, and a desired password. Subsequently, you will receive an automated confirmation email for your application.

– Review

Your application for a job opening will first be reviewed by our recruitment and selection experts to determine whether you meet all the formal job requirements in terms of education, experience, and other skills.

2. Psychological Testing

Candidates who pass the preselection phase will receive an invitation for online testing from the system.

Each test is prepared and customized according to the type and complexity of the job being applied for. Typically, testing involves cognitive ability assessments and personality questionnaires.

Psychological testing typically takes around 45 minutes, and there’s no need for specific preparation. It’s important to ensure a quiet environment and a stable internet connection to avoid any interruptions during testing.

3. Interviews

Candidates who meet the criteria in the testing phase will be invited for an interview. Depending on the position’s requirements, multiple interviews may be conducted, involving a recruitment and selection expert, HR partner, and the manager responsible for the team where the candidate will work.

The interview is equally important for all participants. It’s an opportunity for us to introduce our company, the job, and our corporate culture, as well as to learn more about you, your interests, work experience, education, and expectations.

4. Offer Letter

If you are the right candidate for us, and we are the right company for you, you will receive an official offer letter via email from the responsible recruitment expert or HR partner. The offer letter will contain all the essential information to help you make an informed decision about the next step in your career!


Employee Benefits:

  • Remote Work

    With pride, we offer the opportunity to work from home for up to three days a week, making us one of the few employers who have retained this flexibility as a permanent part of our work culture.

  • Flexible Working Hours

    In addition to offering the option of working from home for up to three days a week, we also provide our employees with the choice of starting their workday at 8 or 9 AM, giving them added flexibility to balance their professional and personal lives.

  • Health Insurance

    For a higher standard of healthcare, we have secured a free comprehensive medical check-up, as well as additional specialist examinations and diagnostic procedures as recommended by your physician.

  • "Commute to work by bicycle."

    If you enjoy cycling to work, you can find a safe and dry parking spot for your bicycle. Cycling gatherings with colleagues are also a regular and enjoyable part of our workplace culture.

  • Teambuilding

    To strengthen team bonding and encourage collaboration, we regularly organize diverse team building activities and events to ensure that our employees foster positive relationships and grow together both professionally and personally.

  • Promotion of sports activities.

    Our team includes many athletes whose careers we proudly follow and support. Additionally, we are part of the Multisport program.

  • Volunteering

    We understand that it's easier together. If you want to actively contribute to the community, care for others, and be part of the change, you can do it with us.

  • Participation in humanitarian actions

    Every donation has a special place in our story, which is why we continue to respond enthusiastically to every request and help wherever and whenever we can.

  • Education - INA Academy

    On our internal knowledge platform, you have the option to choose from up to 20 educational opportunities every month. If you are willing to share your expertise with others, consider joining our team of internal trainers.

  • Employee Benefits - beneFIT Card

    We are preparing tips, recommendations, articles, and activities for you in the field of holistic well-being – healthy lifestyles, personal finance, leisure, and achieving a work-life balance.

  • MultiSport

    In order to further encourage our colleagues to engage in physical activity and take care of their health, as of October 1st, employees within the INA Group in Croatia have the opportunity to benefit from a new perk through the beneFIT platform - the MultiSport program.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Employer Partner Certificate

    Plavi tim has been awarded the 'Employer Partner' certificate by Selectia organization on five occasions, in the years 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. These accolades affirm our excellence in human resources management and our commitment to improving working conditions. Thanks to all members of the Blue Team for their effort and dedication. This is another step forward in our continuous improvement.

  • Mamforce

    Plavi tim has achieved MAMFORCE© LEAD status at the 'Parenthood and Career' event organized by Spona Code, confirming our exceptional commitment to family responsibility and gender equality. This prestigious award comes after numerous statistical analyses, surveys, and actionable steps we took in 2021 and 2022. In just one year, the Blue Team managed to reach the highest LEAD status with an overall score of 96%, clearly demonstrating our dedication to improving the work-life balance in our work environment.

Career Path

  • Domagoj Jurić

    IS Expert

    I joined Ina in 2003 as a Geological Technician, but right from the beginning, my role introduced me to the world of IT. I spent 18 years in Upstream and Field Development, and during that time, I was involved in various IT-related projects and processes, specializing in software and hardware. I participated in the digitization of technical documentation archives in Syria and the introduction of the hydrocarbon reserve database at INA from 2008 until today. I have been involved in project management by leading and participating in various project teams, both in the IT and Upstream sectors. Working in multifunctional teams has provided me with valuable experience and specific knowledge that can only be gained through work in the oil industry and interdisciplinary projects. In 2021, I transitioned to the Blue Team, but my connection with INA Upstream continues. In my role as an Information Systems Specialist, I oversee the portfolio of specialized software and hardware and collaborate with numerous engineers from the business to continuously improve work processes.

  • Ivana Skrbin Horvath

    Director of IT Development Centre

    Although I initially joined INA as a translator, my path led me into the realm of IT after just one year. My journey into the IT world began in 2005 when I became a member of the project team implementing the SAP system at INA. Following the SAP project, I became the head of the Master Data Management team and later the Deputy Chief SAP Architect. Upon the creation of MOL Group IT, I had the opportunity to lead the SAP ERP and MIS team, responsible for creating ERP and BI strategies for the entire MOL Group. After three years of international experience, I returned to INA, venturing into an entirely new domain as a Business Relationship Manager for Corporate Functions. Following the formulation of strategies and intensive collaboration with internal clients, I re-entered the world of development and projects, facing new challenges in my role as the Director of the IT Development Center within the Plavi tim.

  • Marijana Benzon

    Senior ERP Process Management Expert

    Before joining the Plavi tim, I acquired extensive business, managerial, and professional experience in various positions within different companies. As a business team leader, I managed projects such as 'e-Citizens,' 'e-Business,' and worked on EU projects. Additionally, I worked as an SAP consultant for logistics, specializing in modules MM/FT (Material Management / Foreign Trade) on projects for various companies. I joined the Blue Team at the end of 2018 as a Business Process Architect for the SAP MM (PRC) process area. Since becoming a part of the Blue Team, I have gained rich experience working on various group projects and minor system improvement requests, serving as a project manager or expert. I've worked closely with users to analyze and define business processes across different segments of INA d.d./MOL and other affiliated companies within the INA Group. I successfully led the P2P team in the Crosco/Rotary SAP migration, INA Firefighting Services, and INA Industrial Services SAP implementations. I also managed a project to enhance operational procurement, fully delivered using internal resources. I am a composed and results-driven individual, always ready to support our customers and team members. In my daily work, I collaborate with teams from other SAP modules (SD, FI/CO, PP, BI, etc.) in tasks such as user requirement analysis, SAP system solution implementation, developing non-standard solutions, creating project and user documentation, conducting training for key and end users, and overseeing system operation and user support. My primary role is to introduce all new functionalities in the procurement area.

  • Mirjana Šimek Bilić

    Man. of Bus. Process Arhitecture Man.

    In 2010, I joined Ina through the inaugural Growww program, launching my career as a Junior SAP Analyst. The following year, I progressed to become a Specialist in IS Development. In 2015, I attained the position of Lead Specialist in IS Development (at that time, we formed a separate company within the INA Group, known today as the Plavi tim), and one year later, I became the manager of the BW team, responsible for the reporting module in SAP. After two more years of learning and practical work, I advanced to the role of IS Development Specialist. In 2019, nine years after my initial employment, I assumed the position of Head of the Business Unit for Industrial Application Development.

  • Nenad Tramontana

    IS Development Senior Expert

    I joined Ina as part of the inaugural Growww program in 2010, starting my career as a Junior Fire Protection Engineer. Over the next four years in this role, I familiarized myself with all the operations within the INA Group, leading projects and incident investigations related to health, safety, and environmental protection. In 2014, I transitioned to the position of Occupational Health and Safety Engineer, where I worked on creating documentation in line with internal and globally recognized standards. Additionally, I independently developed several solutions using the MS Office suite and SharePoint for data analysis, tracking, and streamlining and organizing processes. My collaboration with colleagues from the Plavi tim intensified in 2017 when, as the business lead, I participated in a pilot project, sponsored by the MOL Group, for the implementation of SAP's electronic work permit solution. Over the next two years, I worked as a Specialist in Health, Safety, and Environment protection and took part in several IT projects in this domain. Simultaneously, I attended two courses, one for Database Administration and the other for Web Application Programming. In 2020, after nearly a decade in health, safety, and environment protection, I joined the Plavi tim as an RPA Developer. In my current role, I am actively involved in automating business processes and digitizing the work environment on a daily basis.

  • Tomislav Gorenak

    Senior ERP Process Management Expert

    I began my professional career at INA d.d., SD Refineries and Marketing as a trainee. From the very days of my internship, my career ascent was notable. I went through various organizational units and performed various tasks related to logistics processes. Some of these tasks included managing storage processes, working in logistics terminals, organizing and managing the processes of receiving, storing, and shipping petroleum products, as well as supervising data on dispatched quantities. From 2010 to 2016, I served as the head of the Sisak Terminal Department. During my tenure at Ina, I gained extensive process and professional knowledge while simultaneously enhancing it with IT logistics systems and solutions connected through interfaces with INA SAP ERP. In 2017, I joined the Blue Team as a Business Process Architect (BPA) for SAP hydrocarbon processes (SAP HCM, LE). Coming from the business side, I quickly became an integral and key part of the BPA team, with significant business knowledge and the trust of our customers. I have taken on leadership roles in several successful projects, including the implementation of SAP in Ina Montenegro, as well as leading SAP Plant Abroad projects. I have also been involved in all the key logistics projects at the group level, such as MILES, SMILES, and R&S. My primary role is to continuously support and improve INA d.d.'s core business, which is the sale of petroleum products, by modeling business processes and managing IT solutions.