IT systems operational support

IT operational services represent a crucial support for all aspects of information technology business within an organization. This field encompasses a range of vital functions and activities that are essential for the efficient operation of IT infrastructure and the provision of services to users.

IT operational services entail the reliable and secure operation of applications and infrastructure through which users access IT services. Furthermore, the IT operations team provides operational support for ERP systems, specific business systems and applications, infrastructure, IT security, and data centers. IT operations participate in the preparation of the annual operational financial plan, the financial planning process, and provide support in the cost allocation process. They play a key role in ensuring the security of IT operations, compliance with IT security regulations, and monitoring security performance on a daily basis. They ensure appropriate and secure technical foundations for server, network, and desktop activities and maintain a secure environment for application operation. Managing infrastructure and data center activities is another function of IT operations. They continuously monitor and analyze the availability, reliability, and quality of technology to ensure a high level of service. They also manage the lifecycle of central hardware and software, as well as monitor license usage.

Finally, IT operations play a crucial role in managing and implementing activities related to the development and renewal of IT infrastructure to keep the organization competitive and adapt to changes in the technological environment.

ERP System Operation

Within our services, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support for the management and operation of ERP systems and related systems at the hardware, database, and software levels. Our goal is to ensure consistent and reliable functionality of these systems, ensuring that our clients’ day-to-day operations run smoothly.

In addition, we continuously maintain existing software, including business applications, interfaces, scripts, and other components, to ensure the agreed-upon level of availability and functionality. By monitoring system performance and response times, we identify potential challenges and implement necessary optimizations to provide an optimal user experience.

Furthermore, our role includes application management, encompassing setup, configuration, version upgrades, patch management, testing, and continuous optimization to maintain system stability and functionality. In terms of the ERP system’s lifecycle, we take care of aspects such as hardware, databases, and the application platform to ensure their longevity and alignment with business requirements.

We actively manage user permissions and authorizations to protect the security of operations and comply with regulations related to applications and data security. Our service also includes end-user support, participation and support in ERP system and related system projects, and vendor service management to ensure consistent service quality.

As an added value, we prepare operational reports that serve for effective system performance management and informed decision-making.

Industrial Application Operations

As part of application management, we take care of maintaining existing software solutions, such as business applications, tools, interfaces, and scripts, along with databases. Our goal is to ensure that these solutions are always available and functional according to the agreed-upon service level.

We monitor system performance and response times to identify and address issues, ensuring that applications operate with the desired performance. Our team is also responsible for application management. This includes setting up, configuring, upgrading application versions, applying patches, testing, and continuous optimization. Additionally, we provide support for incident resolution, problem-solving, configuration, change management, and the implementation of new application releases. We ensure that only authorized users have access to applications, verifying and managing their permissions to ensure operational security and compliance with all relevant data protection regulations and standards.

Furthermore, our team provides various levels of end-user support and prepares operational reports that assist in system performance management.

Server and Data Center Operations

Managing servers and data centers requires expertise and attention to key aspects of infrastructure. Our service offering includes:

Within Data Center Management, we are committed to efficiently overseeing data centers and their infrastructure. This includes performing daily data center operations, such as monitoring the state of infrastructure, capacity, availability, and change management.

We also provide rack management services, ensuring the precise placement of network, server, and core equipment within data centers. Our purpose is to ensure optimal performance and availability. Furthermore, we prepare performance operational reports that provide insights into the state of your systems and infrastructure. These reports assist you in making informed decisions for effective management.

Our expert support ensures the stability, security, and optimal functioning of your servers and data centers, giving you complete confidence in your IT infrastructure.

Network Infrastructure Management

Managing network infrastructure encompasses a wide range of telecommunications services critical to the safe, stable, and efficient operation of business networks and communication systems. Our expertise in this area provides you with complete confidence in network infrastructure management.

We ensure the proper and secure operation of LAN, WAN, and WLAN devices through the actions of our Network Operation Center (NOC), which provides continuous monitoring and care for these critical network components. We monitor and analyze the reliability and quality of technology to ensure optimal performance, and also oversee third-party services.

Our team manages operational network infrastructure projects, ensuring that changes and upgrades are executed efficiently and smoothly. We also take care of network infrastructure security, including network log analysis, intrusion detection and prevention, firewall management, extranet, DMZ, and user identification and authorization for remote access systems.

We provide support through iOS patch management and version distribution, as well as manage network management applications. We continuously monitor network infrastructure performance and provide operational support with ongoing element upgrades to ensure the best possible performance. Monitoring network response times and performance is crucial for maintaining optimal operation.

Furthermore, we support service continuity through change, capacity, and availability management. Our service also encompasses mobile telephony management (including devices, rate plans, and services) and fixed-line telephony (PBX switches, VoIP, devices), as well as the management of passive and active infrastructure in client premises.

Our expert support also offers various levels of end-user support and prepares operational reports to assist in managing the performance of the entire network infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure and Security Operations

Our IT Infrastructure and Security Operations service provides comprehensive support for your IT environment. We ensure the stable and secure operation of servers, data storage systems, SAN operations, and all key applications that form the foundation of your IT infrastructure.

We work on standardizing the IT infrastructure to align with your business strategies and development plans. Additionally, we ensure the seamless operation of servers and continuously monitor the availability and quality of technology. Security of your infrastructure is our priority, which includes analyzing security logs and protecting against potential threats such as malware.

We manage user permissions and access rights to keep your infrastructure secure and reliable. We support you in software patch management and version distribution and constantly monitor infrastructure performance, providing operational support with continuous element upgrades. We also meet the communication needs of remote locations, such as video conferencing and messaging management.

Our expert support covers the management of various platforms, including Windows, Unix/AIX, AS400, and data storage architecture. We also provide database system administration services such as Oracle and SQL.

We manage communication and collaboration applications and monitoring systems, adjusting capacities as needed and consolidating systems when required. We support service continuity through change, capacity, and availability management. We also participate in the renewal of central infrastructure as needed. We offer end-user support and prepare operational reports to assist in monitoring and managing the performance of the entire infrastructure.

Our service also includes client-level IT security management, including the development, maintenance, and monitoring of security regulations. We provide IT security status reports and participate in resolving security incidents and developing measures to prevent future incidents.

In addition, we coordinate and manage projects and initiatives related to IT infrastructure development, collaborating with vendors to ensure the delivery of services to the highest standards.