Implementation of the Digital Oil Field (DOF)

The Digital Oil Field (DOF) represents the digital transformation of the oil industry. This technology combines artificial intelligence (AI) and automated business/engineering processes to better analyze real-time data collected from production fields. Based on data analysis, business decisions are made to optimize hydrocarbon production.

What’s included in DOF technology:

DOF technology is based on data collected from wells and surface equipment via a SCADA system that monitors the production process. Data analysis and processing occur within a software environment located in a CLOUD environment, providing insights for managing business processes. Data processing happens in real-time, allowing for immediate monitoring of the actual production process. This enables a swift response in case of any issues during production.

DOF is essentially Digital Twin technology:

  • It replicates the physical facility in digital form.
  • It enables the modeling of different scenarios.

Benefits of implementing DOF technology:

By combining new digital technologies with orchestrated business processes that are part of DOF, an environment is created that enhances hydrocarbon production, reduces maintenance costs, and minimizes unplanned production shutdowns. Automation of business processes increases productivity. Employees involved in the production process are freed from manual tasks and can dedicate their time to complex tasks that require analytical skills. One of the key features of DOF technology is the creation of a unique platform where multiple disciplines of petroleum engineering collaborate. This means that all participants in the process have transparent access to data and information to make interdisciplinary decisions, significantly enhancing the efficiency of managing production areas.