Plavi tim donated computers to earthquake-affected areas

INA Group continues to actively provide necessary assistance to earthquake-affected areas and donates 60 computers to elementary schools. In February, Mate Lovrak Elementary School and Dragutin Tadijanović Elementary School in Petrinja, Mladost Elementary School in Lekenik, and Glina Elementary School each received 15 computers from Plavi tim, a member of the INA Group, for online learning purposes.

The computers were delivered to Strukovna škola in Sisak (Vocational school) since schools have not yet started operating.

From the very beginning of this great tragedy that struck our County, INA has shown how immeasurable its impact in our community is and what a reliable partner it is. In the first hours after the devastating earthquake, while we were all still shocked but aware that we had to act as soon as possible, INA’s petrol stations were crucial in enabling all services to provide assistance to the citizens. Soon, we needed storage space for the huge amount of donations coming from all over. There, too, we found support from INA, which promptly provided us with its large warehouse on Zagrebačka Street. No less important is the financial support, where INA donated one million kuna for the reconstruction of Viktorovac High School, which will be implemented in a few months. Additionally, INA’s Dom Rafinerije nafte Sisak has become the new home for our Frana Lhotka Music School, whose building received a red sticker. All the valuable instruments and talented students in the Dom Rafinerije will spend time there until they return to their own premises. When there was a need for a large number of computers to enable online learning for children, INA donated 60 used laptops fully prepared for quality student work,” said Darjan Vlahov, head of the Administrative Department for Education, Culture, and Sports of the Sisak-Moslavina County.

Plavi tim promptly responded to the appeal from primary schools in the earthquake-affected areas, which required computer equipment for safe and uninterrupted work. This shipment of 60 laptops is just a part of the equipment we plan to donate, and we wish the staff and students of these primary schools a swift return to their classrooms. We are confident that among these students, there are future IT professionals, which particularly delights us,” said Kristian Schuster, Director of the Plavi tim.

INA Group has been actively involved in providing essential assistance to the earthquake-affected areas from the very beginning. Given that it concerns the Sisak-Moslavina County, which is crucial for INA Group’s operations and where more than 1000 INA employees reside, INA, with the support of the MOL Group, has allocated 2.5 million HRK to be donated to the earthquake-affected areas in the county. Of this, 500,000 HRK will be directed towards the renovation of the “Dr. Ivo Pedišić” General Hospital in Sisak. One million HRK will be donated to the Croatian Government, which is collecting funds in the “Aid for Earthquake Recovery” action for the reconstruction of the towns of Petrinja, Sisak, and Glina, as well as the Sisak-Moslavina County for the reconstruction of the Viktorovac High School in Sisak.

Furthermore, INA Group has provided financial assistance of 7,000 HRK for employees who suffered damage, as stipulated in the INA Group Collective Agreement for such situations. The INA Management has approved an additional budget of 2 million HRK for providing additional material aid to employees of INA Group companies who have suffered extremely significant material damage.

In addition to the above, INA Group has so far secured several days’ worth of fuel, gas cylinders, and disinfectants for emergency services, the Red Cross, and generators from the National Association of Caterers, which prepared meals for the population and numerous volunteers in Petrinja. Fuel has been donated via INA cards to the City of Sisak, the municipalities of Majur and Lekenik, and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, which delivered it to the population for generators, mountaineers, and volunteer electricians in the field, as well as the City Society of the Croatian Red Cross in Zagreb, which collects and delivers aid to the earthquake-affected area.

CROSCO and STSI, members of INA Group, have provided and set up a container settlement in Petrinja for the temporary accommodation of around 100 people. In addition, INA Group delivered several mobile homes to the earthquake-affected area for residents. Furthermore, INA Group has provided its storage spaces in Sisak to the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Sisak-Moslavina County. The Rafinery Home has become the temporary home of the Frano Lhotka Music School. Also, INA’s firefighters from Sisak are available to the local community and participate in emergency interventions.

INA will continue to monitor the needs of the earthquake-affected area and provide ongoing support.